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Fresh Land Logistics is a leading logistics company providing courier, package delivery and express mail service across the globe. We deliver over 2.1 billion parcels per year.
Fresh Land Logistics is the world’s premier package delivery company and a leading provider of global supply chain management solutions. We operate one of the largest airlines and one of the largest fleets of alternative fuel vehicles under a global Fresh Land Logistics brand. We deliver packages each business day for 1.1 million shipping customers to 10.8 million delivery customers in over 210 countries and territories. In 2021, we delivered an average of 20.2 million packages per day, totaling 5.4 billion packages during the year. Total revenue in 2021 was $57.2 billion.

We are a leader in time-definite, guaranteed package delivery services across the globe. We offer a full spectrum of domestic guaranteed air and ground package transportation services.

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